How to Choose a Sportsbook


While choosing a sportsbook, there are several things you should look for. Many sportsbooks offer big betting promotions that are designed to lure new customers to the site. It is important to claim any free bet promotions offered and sign up for any new sportsbook promotions. Also, look for pitchers listed in the sportsbook’s lineup. This way, you can increase your winnings even more! This article will help you find the right sportsbook for you.


The FanDuel sportsbook offers users the ability to bet on multiple events at once, including obscure sporting events. If you’re interested in betting on a particular game but don’t know the odds, you can use the FanDuel promo code to get an even more lucrative offer. This online sportsbook may be worth a try if you’re new to sports betting. The free registration is easy to complete.


One of the most prominent features of the DraftKings sportsbook is its mobile app, which is available for free on both iOS and Android. This makes it easy for mobile users to place bets and follow all of the action in the sportsbook. The mobile app is easy to use, and rarely lags. The app also accepts wagers up to $0.10.


As a new user, you don’t have to be logged in to access Caesars Sportsbook’s customer support. All you need to do is click on the account tab on the desktop or in the small print. Click on the support link and you’ll be presented with a page with frequently asked questions, account search options, and contact information for the sportsbook’s customer service team. If you have any questions or concerns, you can use the live chat feature or send an email. Once you have registered, you can also withdraw your money as cash.

Listed pitcher bets

Betting on baseball starts with the starting pitcher, so it makes sense to consider a listed pitcher bet at the sportsbook. If a pitcher is listed at a sportsbook, it locks in the odds for that bet at the time the bet is placed. A pitcher’s starting pitcher changes disproportionately affect the betting market. The listed pitcher bet is the best way to avoid losing money on a game with a replacement pitcher.

Spread bets

You’ve probably heard of point spread bets at a sportsbook before. These bets are not the same as moneyline bets, but they’re a great way to predict a game’s outcome. Point spreads are calculated by selecting a team based on certain factors, including how many points they’re expected to win the game and how many points they’re expected to lose. In addition to these basic betting terms, there are many other types of bets you can place, including futures, which are bets on an event occurring in the future.

Betting exchanges

Betting exchanges for sportsbooks operate like traditional sportsbooks, but with fewer overheads and no in-house odds-making teams. Typically, you’ll pay a commission on winning bets, ranging from two to three percent. Some exchanges offer 0% commission bonuses, valid for a certain period of time. Some offer free accounts, which generally limit winnings. To avoid the risk of being charged for a bet that you don’t win, be sure to read the fine print before you deposit any money.